Wednesday, 4 December 2013


As a true instagram addict. Yes yes I admit. My phone is practically glued to my hand!
I am showing you a new kind of post i'll be showing you more often. Today i'm giving you a sneak peek into my instagram account and showing you 4 of my favourites! Well here we go.

 | Amanda Stas |
She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger living in Amsterdam. I started following here since the very beginning. She has a really lovely style and here feed is a bit girly! What I love. Food, fashion, inspiration, PARIS! Do I need to say more? No. didn't think so haha. Oh and me as an absolute dog lover.. I do have to admit that Nala, her cat is one of the most gorgeous ones i've ever seen! 

| Anna Rike |
She is a blogger at Creaters of Desire. 
She has a stunning style, loves graphic design and always wears a smile. I am a succer for black and white. And that's why I love her feed so much! It's full of outfits, quotes and inspirations. 
IG: Anna Rike

| Fashdistict |
Oumaya is an 18 year old blogger and also has a lovely style. Boyish but feminine at the same time. Lot's of black and white's. Interior, details and lovely outfits of course! Her feed is really refreshing and inspiring. 

| Style and Metric |

Lemiza is also a blogger, based in Rotterdam. 
She wears a lot of black and white. And shares the most stunning inspirations. She has a lovely style. Every thing she posts is eye candy. 

So what do you think about the girls? Did you know any of them already?
Would love to know :D

X lisa


  1. Die eerste vind ik ook erg leuk! De rest is té zwart-wit voor mij, haha ;-) Maar vergeet je jezelf niet te includen? Jij maakt ook altijd supermooie foto's op instagram :O X

  2. Wat gaaf dit, sommige kende ik nog niet! xx

  3. Wat leuk, ik kende ze allemaal nog niet!

  4. Ik volgde alleen Style and Metric nog niet maar daar is dus nu verandering in gebracht :) ik vind Instagram zo verslavend en ik volg zo veel mensen, soms gewoon voor inspiratie. Ik vind het echt een tof concept dat je nu doet; wanneer komt deel 2? :D xx