Friday, 25 April 2014


Hope you all have had a lovely week. Just one more day before we celebrate our queen.. Oh excuses me. KING! Still can't get used to it. Saturday is Kingsday and the entire lands is celebrating. Me and my sis travel to Amsterdam to go to the Kingsday festival at the olympic stadion. So excited! It's a tradition to wear something orange that day.. But to me it is just a hideous color. So I decided to go as my self but to get in the festival mood I wanted a flower crown. But as you know,  bright colors aren't really my thing and off course I couldn't find a white one. So I figured, why don't make one my self? So that's what I did yesterday. And it's surprisingly easy! I'll tell you what you need!

- Fake flowers 
I bought them at the garden centre, they have these very easy iron wires on them!
I got a few different ones because I wasn't sure what I would like the most but I ended up with only the little white roses. 

- Thin Iron Wire

- Wire cutter

- Ribbon

You get 6 pieces of wire that you wrap around your head (take a few centimeters more!) 
Take three strings and tie the ends together.

Then you make a braid. Do the same to the other 3 strings. 

Make sure u tie up all the ends and then start to wraps the to braids around each other to create a strand base for your crown.

And tie up the ends again to create a circle.

Then you can start wrapping around all the flowers. Just do it the way you like it.

When all your flowers are on your crown, take a long piece of ribbon and wrap it around also just to cover up all the wires.

And then you're done!

So what do you think? Pretty cute right?! 
What are your plans for the weekend?
Would love to know!

X lisa


  1. Hoe leuuuuuuk!
    Echt fijne diy meid!

    Ik heb een superdruk weekend voor de boeg, nog even relaxen en dan erin vliegen.

  2. Heel leuk gemaakt en bedacht! Ziet er super uit!!
    x Daphne

  3. Wauw echt heel erg leuk! Is ook leuk voor een bruiloft oid :)

  4. Really a great DIY!

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  5. Wat een leuk idee en heel mooi gedaan! xx

  6. Wow! This is super beautiful and it's a great diy :)

  7. Wauw, het ziet er echt heel mooi uit! Ik denk dat ik dit ook maar eens moet proberen, ik had niet gedacht dat het zó simpel was haha. xxx

  8. Wat leuk gedaan!! Ziet er echt mooi uit xx

  9. Leuk gedaan! Zo had ik het vorig jaar ook gemaakt, erg leuk om te doen! (:

  10. Super leuk gedaan!

    Kim / Vintage & Beauty

  11. SO pretty! Great post!

    Love from London x

    Emma from

  12. Heel leuk gedaan en echt supermooie foto's!

    X Sara

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  14. So cute! Much nicer than the ones I've seen in stores :)
    x Emily