Saturday, 3 May 2014


Yay! The weekend has started. Hope you are all up to something fun this weekend!
Lately my pinsterest addiction is getting a little bigger haha and I am seeing all these gorgeous marble pieces. I went searching for some great DIY's and came a cross Style Bonbon and My Dubio.
They both have great post about it. So I couldn't resist to try it myself.  I'll tell you what you need!

- Marble foil 
(I bought mine at praxis and was about 6 euros. And it's like a big sticker. Super easy!)

- I bought a frame (action) and started searching the house to try and find something fun to cover with marble. I found a little serving tray and 2 stands (to put drinks on)

- Scissors

- Ruler

All you need to do is to cut strokes and cover up the items you have. I didn't really have a special technic and I think it's something you have to figure out yourself to find out what works best for you. And the easiest thing is dat you can remove to foil because it's like a sticker. So you can try different things. 

And this is the result! Really love the way it turned out. 
Would love to what you guys think and if you would try it?!
Enjoy your weekend!

X lisa


  1. It's so much great!! Thanks for share it! Outfits and trends on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion blog

  2. It looks great, I love it. Might try out something like that in the holidays! x

  3. Love this!! Ga ik zeker ook proberen! x

  4. Heel erg leuk idee! Leuke blog heb je ook!


  5. I love it so much!
    I will try it!

    Thanks honey.

  6. Ik wil ook zo'n marble dienblad maken maar kan echt nergens het goede dienblad vinden! Overal zitten van die handvaten in/aan. En het liefste heb ik ook een iets langere. Tips? x

    1. Hee! Ja ik snap wat je bedoeld. Heb net even snel gegoogled. Misschien zit hier iets bij? De prijzen zijn ook wel oké denk ik.

      X lies

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