Hi guys! How have you been? I’ve been great. We are almost done with moving out from our apartment. It has been super hectic. But! Whe are getting there. In between all the madness last week I received a fun package from Sacha. With.. tadadaaa. Shoes! Can never have enough. It is a white platform sneaker with a sort of bow on top of it. A while back I bought a pair that looked quite the same. But these are more bold and I love that! They go with anything. A nice pantalon,skirt or just a jeans. These shoes just give your look a little oumpff. (that’s not a word I know haha) I did get a size bigger than my normal size. So if you are thinking about getting them. I should consider getting one size bigger.



So, what do you guys think about these sneakers? Would you wear something like this? Let me know 😀

Oh! And off course they also have a lot of other fun pairs. Awesome ankle boots, or heels. And if you would like to save some money (15%) use code: little blonde 😀

X lisa

Oh and check out my first instagram vlog ever!

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