Hi guys 😀 I hope you’ve had a great start of 2017!

To continue the little tradition, I put all of my outfits of 2016 together. To me it’s just so fun to see how my style has changed through the year. (and my hair haha) And to be honest.. it’s not as big of a change as last year. Which is a good thing.. It probably means that I am just really finding my own personal style.. Just very minimal, feminine, monochrome with a touch of pink once in a while haha.

Let’s take a look!

So hihi, what do you think? Have I changed much? Would love to know if you have a fave look?!

Talk to you soon!

X lisa

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  • ivanasworld
    januari 20, 2017

    Amazing recap 🙂 I love your styla and monochrome choices you make 🙂

  • Laura - Junethirty
    maart 3, 2017

    Amazing recap ! I’m discovering your blog and it’s really cool to have a keep overview of your work and your style.
    I really like your outfits only detail i remark is that it’s very blackish/white/grey
    Can’t wait to see further.

    Laura – Junethirty

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