Good evening!
Finally I found some time to select and edit the photo’s for my Berlin photo diary. 
So here they are. And I have to tell you! Berlin was amazing. Wait! Berlin IS amazing. Berlin, the city with a population that picks up bottles from the streets. Berlin, the city that’s completely covered in graffiti. Berlin, the city with secret party’s in abandoned villa’s and skyscrapers. I had such an amazing time and got the meet so many new lovely people. It’s an inspiring city but is also has a gloomy atmosphere. It has so much history. The city will never let you forget about that! That’s for sure. I made photo’s from the streets, monuments, people and the architecture. You will also see my gorgeous and lovely friend Iris come by. Hope you like it!
Enjoy 😀

Hope you liked it! 
Talk to you soon 😀
X lisa


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